Veera Budhi has over twenty years of working experience and holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from India. He is a certified speaker, mentor, coach and trainer on leadership principles and personal development. He offers customized presentations, 10 minutes briefing, lunch and learns, keynotes speeches, seminars, aiding the personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods to fit any specific individual or organizational needs. His passion for helping others to reach their goals and achieve their life ambitions has driven him to become part of one of the greatest leadership team in the world – "John Maxwell Team."

Veera Budhi also works at IBM as a Technical Evangelist, where he evangelizes the next generation technologies like Big Data Analytics, Open Source, Cloud, Cognitive, Machine Learning and so forth. He has co-authored a technology book on IBM's big data streaming technology (InfoSphere Streams).

Veera Budhi has worked in the industry for years and has closely watched great leaders at work, seeking to understand what makes some people excel in the field and gleaning the secrets of their success in the process. In this book, he helps readers to enjoy professional growth and personal success through the study and application of proven leadership methods that can be flexed according to organizational or corporate needs.


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