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I would summarize Veera's professionalism by 3 C's....'Clarity of thought and leadership', 'Confidence', and 'Compassion'. Excellent subject matter knowledge and the ever-ready attitude of sharing and helping is backed up with his ability to communicate, articulate, motivate the team. He is an asset for any team, and I look forward to working with him on future engagements.

Tarun Bhatnagar

Veera's spirit and vision are what makes him an outstanding leader. He has a vast array of hands on experience and knowledge that enables him to jump into virtually any situation and be successful. The striking feature of Veera is his candidness and honesty.

Raghu Thantri

Veera loves to be in touch with people and carries a hunger to gather lot of information to develop himself and also carries lot of interest in developing others by sharing the knowledge to others. This is one of the many strengths that he carries.

Swaminathan Santhanam

Veera B. is a detail-oriented, systematic and creative individual who is technically and conceptually strong. He is well aware of his abilities to perform a task admirably. Once onto a task, he ensures that it reaches the final output in accordance with the objectives set for the purpose within the reasonable time frames and cost factors. He is known to be of an amiable nature, liked by one and sundry.

Terence Gonsalves

Veera demonstrated a balance of flexibility and structure in his work. He has well developed team-working, interpersonal and communication skills which is highly appreciated. The combination of Veera's positive attitude, supportive nature and extensive experience makes him also a pleasure to work with.

Pratiksha Chhangawala

Veera was quick to understand the business case for our program and provide excellent long-term solutions that helped us navigate many tricky and critical questions during the early stages of our program. He is also fun to work and was an excellent mentor for our young and dynamic IT technical team. I appreciate his contributions and I look forward to working with him in future.

Mallik Kommaraju

Veera is a result oriented pragmatic technical wizard. He has keen eye for the customer satisfaction and is good in spotting potential business opportunities with the customers. He is a good learner and is interested in learning new stuff that will help him be successful with projects. Veera is a great Team player and is always looking for a good opportunity to help his colleagues. In essense he is a great asset for the organisation.

Jonah Stephen

Veera was a very friendly person and was very solution oriented even if it is out of his roles, a person to trust for any professional help. He is known for maintaining good relationships and retaining it.

Paul Johnson

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